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dk + american idol??

straight from my alternative tentacles newsletter...

A short time ago East Bay Ray faxed Jello Biafra
a proposal to sell the DK's version of "Viva Las
Vegas" to one of TV's all-time worst programs on
TV's all-time worst network- "American Idol" on
Fox. Biafra strenuously objected, pointing out
this was even worse and more against the principles
of the band than the proposed Levi's commercial
the ex-DK's sued Biafra for. True to form, he
never heard back from Ray. Now we are getting vague
e-mails claiming Ray went behind Jello's back and
did indeed sell DK's music and legacy to Fox for
"American Idol."

Can anyone out there confirm this actually
happened? Did anyone overcome their nausea long enough
to tape the show? Please let us know. Biafra
hasn't heard from Ray and does not expect to.
Obviously this is the worst and stupidest thing to be
done to Dead Kennedys yet in the name of a quick
dirty buck, but is this true??? We are interested
in facts, not gossip and blogs.

If you have seen this or have confirmation of
this happening, please e-mail Jesse at


what do you all think of this attrocity?
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