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poisin is bubbeling beneathe your dream home many years before

thank you! finally..a community where people understand the love i have for jello and is philosophy of life! and you kids have awsome taste in music...i mean the adicts, tiger army, DK (of course) ect. ahh! im glad to now that you guys actually know what true punk is. its not hot topic, good charlette, or all that other crap MTV puts on, or that horrible website CONSERVITIVE PUNK.COM (which that asshole micheal graves created). its really a state of mind. rebellion. true individaulism. you dont even have to do drugs, dye your hair, or all the sterotypical crap. (and sXe and i dont look very much like a punk)..but i have to say the music rocks, the goverment sucks, and its great going to shows, stage diving and beating the shit out of people you dont know.

thank god theres people out there like me

-ello emilio
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