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i dont believe in anarchy either. too much of a power complex in human nature. even if it was official, there would still be a very. very. very. militant/drug related government that would rise up. anyways my name is amber. i live in the slut state of minnesota. it blows it sucks and for five bucks it will fuck your mothers dog. anyways. technically im sxe, but i think saying that you are and sporting that bandana bullshit or whatever they do is fucking lame. no one cares, and no body wants to see a bandana hanging out of your ass. claiming to be sxe is just proving you feel the need to label yourself even more. im "technically sxe" because i dont feel like doing any of that shit. not because i think im special or some lame shit like that. and emo. overrated and trendy. im glad you have emotions so do i. it's hate and paranoia. yea. that's me. deal.
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